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"This article was not just about how, but why. Fantastic!"


"This was honestly amazing. The way you structure each process is mind blowing. I'm searching for internships and if I built a portfolio project; maybe deploy a microservice app on ECS with these recommendations, it'd be awesome.Thank you so much for the content."


"Thank you for making this newsletter. Keep up the good work!"


"Good breakdown Guille. Please do keep it up, you're creating a fantastic resource here."


"Its really helpfully for me. Realtime scenarios made life easy for architecture level persons."


"I'm a new subscriber, but the content is about the right level of content. It assumes you have a basic understanding of AWS without speaking in acronyms."


"The fact that your writing is easy to understand, concise and delivers the technical content with practical steps that makes it easier to learn. As a novice beginner, I find your emails truly valuable."


"That was about the right amount of detail, you went into specifics while maintaining a light and concise style. I think you’ve nailed the format! Could do with a diagram to illustrate the relationships between components."


"Much appreciated."


"I love the newsletter"


"Nice work!"


"A succinct overview - much appreciated and I enjoy your writing style."


"Without any background, I understood each and every concept explained in this newsletter."


"Simple AWS is an incredibly useful and timely resource for me while I prepare for the Solutions Architect - Associate exam. I'm always looking forward to the next week's deep dive into new content! Thank you!"


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Simple AWS is a different proposition from other educational content about cloud architecture or cloud computing.

The idea is not to teach you the basics, there's plenty of introductory-level courses already.
Neither is it to give you tutorials, AWS has some amazing workshops for that.

What I want to do is teach you the why behind the solutions, how to think about problems and solutions in the cloud, and how to architect better cloud solutions.

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Guille Ojeda

Software Architecture Consultant and Author

I'm a former AWS Authorized Instructor, now full-time software architecture consultant and author of courses, ebooks and this newsletter.

With Simple AWS, I aim to take the focus away from certifications and workshops, and concentrate on the why behind each solution.